Hatemalo (Hand to hand) Radio Program about precautions to be observed during and after earthquake. Discuss the public situation, state responsibility, relief support, restoration of public life back to normal, and reconstruction.

Broadcasting period: – Sunday to Saturday 30 minutes every day for six months.

The station of the FM is situated in Salleri, and it has set up its tower at 3000 meter from the sea level. The total capacity of the FM is 1,000 watt and has coverage in 16 districts in east Nepal and 35 districts in mid-Nepal(10 million people). It also can be listened online www.himalfm.org.

Objectives of the Program

  • Toprovide Psycho-Social Counseling to the affected people to pacify their mind.
  • To identify the real need and problem of the local and make the GO and NGO development program more realistic and effective.
  • To raise the Health Awareness among the people who are living in group shelter.  Help to control the epidemic through radio program.
  • To draw attention of public and stakeholders towards Health and Sanitation
  • Motivate people for proper utilization of local resources and promote the group work to restore their life.
  • Promote group feeling in order to overcome the crisis during and after the natural disaster.
  • Promote public participation in the construction, reconstruction and other project implemented by State and other stakeholder.

Issues to be included in the program

  • The situation of the earthquake affected area in the remote place, the presence of the state, field report on effectiveness of the presence of the state and other stakeholders in the area.
  • Interview with Earthquake Specialist and Geologist about effect of earthquake and aftershocks, and precautions to be applied during and after.
  • The voices of the real affected people about the relief support, their opinion about restoration of normal life and reconstruction of their house.
  • Health care of elderly people, Pregnant Women and children. Especially, of those who are living in group shelter/ settlement.
  • Giving idea about building temporary shelter in simple way by using the local materials.
  • The precautious measure to be taken while they are living in and around the partially damages and cracked house.
  • Broadcast useful and helpful resources for the sustainable reconstruction.
  • Motivate people to change the difficult situation into opportunity for the development.


The Program


Subject Matter


1. Introduction tune 15 second
2. starting with introduction 2 minuts
3 Highlight of the subject matter to be presented. 2 minuts
4. Discuss the subject matter which affected people should give attention 6minuts
5 Presentation of the prepared report on the related subject 3 minuts
6. Presentation of the field report from the related field 6.5 minuts
7. Interview with stakeholder about the related issued 7 minuts
8. Summaries the program from the beginning to end with good background 3 minuts
9. Program ending tune 15 second

Total 30minuts


Partnership Organization Of Hatemalo (Radio Program)


Partnership Organization 

Broadcasting Day/Time


1. Himalayan Project Nepal, KTM. Sunday – 7.30 pm
2. Monbiju Tracks & Expedition, KTM. Monday – 9.15 pm
3. Himali Health & Environment Service, Solukhumbu. Tuesday – 9.15 pm
4. Marabous Employment Nepal & Marabous Travels & Tours, KTM Wednesday – 9.15 pm
5. The Small World, KTM. Thursday – 9.15 pm
6. Himalayan Care Foundation  Nepal. Friday – 9.15 pm
7. Sherpa Children Assistants Association , KTM. Saturday – 9.15 pm
8. Chenga Sherpa (Director) Rhino Equipment, KTM. Thursday – 9.15 pm
9. Mingmar Sherpa, KTM. Wednesday – 9.15 pm
10. Mountain Sherpa Foundation (Pasang Sherpa – Chairman) Tuesday – 9.15 pm
11. Eco-Himal Nepal Monday – 9.15 pm